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The Beau Monde Story

We opened for business in 2001 with Beau Monde Exchange on Appleway in an approx. 1200 sq. ft. space. We quickly outgrew it and expanded six months later to a 2500 sq. ft. space next door. Unfortunately, four years later the mall burned down, so we were forced to start from scratch which landed us back in a small 1,200 sq. ft. space on Government Way.

One year later we found ourselves itching for a larger store so we moved a few doors down into a unit double the size. A lot of moving, right? Well, in 2009 we took over the adjoining space just to fit all of our rapidly growing inventory. Just when we thought we have made our forever home we received news that heavy construction was coming to our front door and made the decision to move once again, this time to the Ironwood Mall. After a great 5 years there building our business, we finally relocated to the Prairie Avenue Shopping Center in Hayden, where we currently reside.

     In July 2017 we introduced a new store called Beau Monde Outlet. Everything in the store is always $5 or under, including a $1 rack! This store became so popular that we opened another one in Post Falls. With the love for Beau Monde growing in our community we took the leap and in the summer of 2019 opened Beau Monde Luxe in Midtown CDA.  Luxe is a hybrid boutique that carries high end resale and new clothing, shoes and accessories for women/men. 


Fast forward to 2022 where we welcomed our newest brick and mortar, Beau Monde Outpost in Athol, ID. This store carries items for $5 as well as priced items for women, juniors, and men!

As if 2022 wasn't exciting enough with our fun Athol renovation of the old post office, we also launched our first online store:


We restock all stores every single day with hundreds of new items and pssst.. moms! Did we mention ALL stores have kid play areas!? Come shop and bring the kiddos! We would love to meet you and help you find something amazing.

Meet Brooke Miller (aka "the Beau Monde lady"


Hi! My name is Brooke Miller, I have lived in North Idaho for most of my life with a small break in between when I moved to Seattle for college and returned home with a BA in Behavioral Science. I’ve been married since 1992 and have 5 children. I grew up in a family of 8 and let’s just say, all of my clothes were always from hand-me-downs, garage sales or thrift stores.  I’ve always loved the thrill of finding treasures. Upon working at Children’s Village as a behavioral therapist followed by counseling at Falls Christian Academy using my degree, I realized quickly that I would need a masters to make any money, especially to pay back those huge student loans (which I’m still paying off haha). I shopped often at similar stores to Beau Monde while living in Seattle and decided to give it a go here in CDA.  At the time, in 2001, there was only one somewhat similar store in all of Spokane and Coeur d’Alene (named Drop Your Drawers, remember?)  A family friend loaned us a little money and we went for it!  21 years later, we are still providing what I feel is a great service to our community: affordable and quality clothing, shoes and accessories for family friendly budgets. 

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