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Sell your clothes

Beau Monde Exchange

WALK IN: Up to ONE 13 gallon kitchen size garbage bag

APPOINTMENT: Up to FOUR 13 gallon kitchen size garbage bags, once per week limit

30% Cash

or 40% Store Credit

$1 for items we send to Outlets


Beau Monde Outpost



Beau Monde Luxe


 Up to 25 items

30% Cash

*same day 10% discount on store items*

Consignment option available for LUXURY items

Screen Shot 2022-09-10 at 12.44.20 AM.png


No matter what location you choose to sell at we are always looking for current, gently worn, and in-season styles. However, the type of clothing and the form you bring them in will vary between the 3 locations -


 Beau Monde Exchange:

Type: Women, Men, Junior, Kids (12 mos. to 12/14 years)

Folded neatly in 13 gallon kitchen garbage bags

Appointment: Up to 4 bags

Walk-in: 1 bag

CLEAN and gently worn items only

Beau Monde Luxe:

Type: Women, Men

Appointment: Up to 20 items placed on hangers or folded neatly

Walk-in: Up to 10 items placed on hangers or folded neatly

CLEAN and gently worn items only

Beau Monde Outpost:

Women, Men, Junior

Up to 30 items placed on hangers

CLEAN and gently worn items only

In addition to clothing we also take shoes, jewelry, bras, scarves, sunglasses, purses, wallets, boots, backpacks, phone cases, etc.

We buy clothing every day from opening until one hour before closing for walk-in appointments. 

Walk-In Process

Beau Monde Exchange

When your bag is gone through, we will immediately process your clothes to the floor unless you write CALL FIRST on the drop-off slip. If you choose this option, we will call to explain pricing on each item, otherwise you will just receive the total amount and the clothes will be processed to the floor immediately. If you do not get back to us within 24 hours after we call you on the CALL FIRST ITEMS, we will assume pricing is ok and begin processing. We do not wait for the item to sell, we pay you immediately and that is why we have to be so selective.


We can not accept items in suitcases, duffle bags, bins, boxes, etc. We require them to be clean and placed neatly in a 13 gallon size bag or smaller with the top tied. Due to the massive volume of clothes being brought in every day, we limit the amount to one 13 gallon garbage bag size, per person, per day, unless special arrangements have been made or you have booked an appointment.



Although you may see identical or similar merchandise on the floor, that does not mean we will automatically buy your item. Many factors and considerations go into each buy and what we can or cannot take at that time. Examples of why we might pass on them are as follows: stains, wrong style for our store, holes, pilly, bad hems, broken zippers, out of season, wrong brands, too much basic wear, not clean, overstocked on items, missing bling or buttons, outdated, and simply different opinions of the buyers. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding! -Beau Monde

How long does it take?

During an appointment your buy will never exceed the amount of time booked. However, for walk-ins our goal is to always try to get your bag done while you wait. If you have 10 items or less you are eligible to be put in front of the line in the “Express Buy” line. However, for larger buys sometimes it is  not possible to finish day of if we are busy. Due to limited buyers doing kid's clothing, those bags may take up to a week. We will CALL or TEXT YOU when your bag is done. After there is contact made or we have left a message, you have 3 months to pick up your cash or credit before it is donated to charity. If you marked “take remaining clothes home”  please be sure to pick them up within 2 days or we do have to move them along to charity because of our limited storage space. The other option is to mark “donate to BME” and we will take care of that for you. 

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